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    Dog Biscuit Bone | Neoh & Nobo

    We are fiercely proud of the quality of our treats and pay close care and attention into every batch we bake. We ensure every treat your pup enjoys is of the same excellent quality and has truly nutritional benefits. Our making process has been tried and tested to ensure only the finest results and the tastiest treats for your furry friend. Take a closer look at our process below.


    We believe in using only the finest, most therapeutic and beneficial ingredients for your dog. We have consulted with veterinarians to ensure the effectiveness of all ingredients chosen for each of our treats. We also select our ingredients and combine them on their individual benefits for dogs, ensuring the compound impact is even more nutritional and wholesome. All of our recipes are 100% free from salt, sugar, preservatives, additives and animal by-products.


    We believe in high quality, sustainable ingredients and we are committed to sourcing them from suppliers who share our ethical views. Wherever possible we source organic, fair trade ingredients, as we believe in fair wages for all. We also ensure our ingredients are human-grade as we believe our pups deserve at least the same level of nutritional quality in their treats!


    Yes, we are committed to nutrition and wholesome treats for your pup, but we also believe in experimenting with fun and innovative flavours. Our treats come in many shapes and sizes, all health encouraging, but all extremely tasty too. Our range gives you plenty of choice and we are always open to suggestions for new flavours. Innovation and new product development are at the heart of our business as we’re always looking for new ways to treat the dogs we love so much.


    All of our treats are slowly baked and dehydrated at minimal temperatures so their nutritional content is maintained. Baking in small batches on a daily basis ensures an oven fresh taste for all of our treats. As artisans, we take pride in crafting with our hands and ensure each and every treat is made that way.


    Our small batch baking process means we are always on hand to keep a check on the quality of each of our treats. By being in control of every stage of our manufacturing process, we are able to check our output more thoroughly, especially as everything is made by hand.


    Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our ingredients and we are sure to carefully package our treats using environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible. All of our packaging is either recyclable or reusable and we encourage you to protect the environment too with our packaging recycling incentive. If you visit us at a trade show and bring your old The Dog's Butter Peanut Jars, you can enjoy an extra 10% discount at our stall.

    If you love our treats as much as we do, join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell your friends. We'd love to know what you think!