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    Chubs, Pickles & Kito - #NeohSquad

    Age: 4 (Chubs), 1 (Pickles & Kito)
    Breed: French Bulldog
    Lives: Kent
    Best Trick: Hi-5 and kiss
    Favourite Treat: Peanut butter w/ coconut oil & chicken!
    Instagram: @our3littlepigs

    Amelia - #NeohSquad

    Age: 5
    Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
    Lives: London
    Best Trick: She gives kisses on command 
    Favourite Treat: Biscuit dunked in dogs butter!! 
    Instagram: @ameliathecav
    Twitter: @ameliathecav
    Facebook: @ameliathecav

    Cavalier Rosie - #NeohSquad

    Age: 2
    Breed: CKCS - Cavalier king charles spaniel 
    Lives: Northamptonshire 
    Best Trick: Roll over
    Favourite Treat: Butternut x Vanilla Biscuit 
    Instagram: @cavalier_rosie

    Moo Moo & Bear - #NeohSquad

    Age: 3 (Lolah) and 1 (Minny)
    Breed: Miniature Schnauzers
    Lives: Leeds 
    Favourite Trick:  Did you know Schnauzers don't do tricks? But we're pretty good at looking beautiful!
    Favourite Treat: Minny Bear loves anything....and we mean ANYTHING! Lolah loves her raw bones the best

    Jazz - #NeohSquad

    Age: 3
    Breed: Collie cross Labrador
    Lives: Newbury
    Best Trick: High five!
    Favourite Treat: Peanut Butter
    Instagram: @jazzzharris

    Vinny #NeohSquad | Neoh & Nobo

    Age: 2
    Breed: French Bulldog
    Lives: Leicestershire
    Best Trick: Doing the opposite of everything asked!
    Favourite Treat: Banana x Turmeric Dog Biscuits
    Instagram: @vinnythefrenchie

    Name: Stella
    Age: 2
    Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier x French Bulldog
    Lives: NI
    Best Trick: Sit
    Favourite Treat: Ham!

    Name: Maisy
    Age: 1
    Breed: Rottweiler
    Lives: NI
    Best Trick: Shaking hands (because she knows she'll get a treat!)
    Favourite Treat: Banana x Turmeric biscuits

    Name: Bear
    Age: 1
    Breed: Rottweiler
    Lives: NI
    Best Trick: Spinning (to chase his tail!)
    Favourite Treat: ANYTHING edible

    Instagram: @stellaandmaisyandbear

    Age: 3
    Breed: Cockapoo
    Lives: Liverpool
    Best Trick: Jumping hurdles
    Favourite Treat: Tuna
    Instagram: @lexicockapoo

    Age: 5 1/2 (Lily) & 2 (Sev)
    Breed: Miniature smooth haired dachshund (Lily) & Miniature long haired dachshund (Sev)
    Lives: Isle of Wight Favourite
    Best Trick: Puppy dog eyes (Lily) & wait (Sev)
    Favourite Treat: Cup of tea! (Lily) & Banana x Turmeric biscuits (Sev)
    Instagram: @fachshund

    Breed: Jack Russell cross Chihuahua
    Lives: Devon
    Best Trick: Sitting up and clapping (begging)
    Favourite Treat: Tuna
    Instagram: @lifewithrosie

    Age: 2
    Breed: French Bulldog
    Lives: Manchester
    Best Trick: Rollover
    Favourite Treat: Chicken
    Instagram: @littleblackfrenchie
    Facebook: @littleblackfrenchie