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    Baking Dog Treats | Neoh & Nobo


    Inspired by the benefits of botanics, our treats are crafted with our signature coconut and plant based ingredients. Including a combination of herbs, spices and plant extracts, our treats are fragrant and aromatic providing a number of nutritional benefits for the mind, body and paws.


    As artisans we take pride in crafting every single one of our treats by hand. Not only does this ensure the quality and freshness of each of our treats, but this also makes every single treat unique in their own way. 


    We manufacturer each of our treats in small batches daily so they stay fresher for longer. Not only does this help us to reduce our wastage and emissions, but it also means that we can continue to send out quality treats for you and pup each and every time.


    We live by the motto natural, simple and good and this ethos is ingrained into our culture. We believe that we should only feed our dogs ingredients we would consume ourselves, therefore our treats are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, and are free from additives, preservatives, wheat, gluten, artificial ingredients, salt and sugar.


    Free from gluten and wheat containing ingredients, our treats are suitable for pups with sensitive tummies and allergies. We use a blend of organic gluten and wheat free flours derived from seeds, rice and coconut to ensure our treats can be enjoyed by all.


    Our treats are cooked at minimal temperatures to sustain their numerous nutrients and goodness. By doing so we are able to maintain the natural nutritional value of our ingredients, whilst keeping the flavour and aroma of the herbs, spices and seeds we include.