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    Saving the environment one dog treat at a time, we ensure that our everyday processes are as efficient as possible to minimise the negative effects on the environment around us. By Implementing an effective level of efficiency and productivity, we are able to monitor and improve our environmental performance as best we can.


    The packaging we use is recyclable, food safe and biodegradable. Our minimal approach allows us to cut back on unnecessary wastage and allow our customers to recycle with ease.


    Our work is done as efficiently as possible, after all, it’s the small things that count. From switching off lights and equipment to monitoring our energy usage, we make sure that those small things are taken care of, so we can reduce our emissions and usage.


    Throughout our day to day processes none of the materials we use go to waste. Our products are made to order in small batches, which allows us to effectively monitor our inventory and keep wastage to a minimum. Leftover materials are recycled regularly to local dog homes and charities, ensuring all of our wastage is handled in an appropriate manner.


    To ensure the quality and consistency of our treats, our ingredients are sourced from the most organic and freshly available sources possible. Sought from local green grocers to overseas farmers, we ensure that our ingredients are sourced correctly to ensure fair and ethical trading. By carefully selecting our partners and providers, we are able to continuously produce high quality treats, whilst being conscious of the environment around us.