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    The last couple of months at Neoh & Nobo have been very exciting and has allowed us to gain a better insight into what works for us as a business. As with any company, change is required in order to move forward, so from 1st August 2017 we are sad to say we will be discontinuing all commissions and referrals codes from the #NeohSquad Scheme.

    Whilst the scheme itself will still be running, we will no longer be offering customers the 20% discount off the range therefore, removing any associated commissions. Our decision is based off the fact that we have become aware that the discount codes compromise the perceived value of the products, therefore we aren’t able to justify the cost of the commissions etc. against the software we use.

    Going forward, we will still continue to replenish your accounts with monthly credit, as an incentive for promotion via social media and/or blog.

    We hope you all understand our reasoning behind the changes and hope you continue to join us on our biscuit filled journey. Of course, any payments accrued from now until 1st August, will be paid prior to the scheme end.

    In a nutshell, here’s what’s changing from 1st Aug:

    • Removal of 20% discount
    • Removal of commissions associated with any sales

    ...and here’s what’s remaining the same:

    • Monthly store credit
    • Promotion of Neoh & Nobo via social media and/or blog

    If you have any questions around your affiliation, please get in touch at squad@neohandnobo.com.

    Thank you for your understanding.