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    Image of a Dog | Neoh & Nobo


    Charity is at the heart of Neoh & Nobo and we take pride in giving back in as many ways as we can. Our White Bone Foundation was established with the aim of helping to raise necessary funds for dogs in need, by helping to support local dogs homes and charities with the ever-growing costs involved in taking care of rescue animals.

    As in the majority of cases, these organisations are run by a group of individuals dedicated to lending their time, money and resources to keep the facilities ticking over. We aim to build as many relationships and connections as possible with those involved in dogs homes and charities, which in turn, helps to create a platform for promoting the many services these organisations provide, whilst also helping to contribute to any vital resources needed.


    As a way of saying thank you to those individuals who dedicate their time, effort, love and money to helping dogs in need, we offer special discounts across the whole range of Neoh & Nobo products. Additionally, we will also be happy to provide a selection of treats especially for fundraising days, events and much more. To be considered as a rescue friend or to contact us about your next event, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly to provide you with everything you need. T&Cs apply.